The Carlton Hotel

Copy-editing and art-direction 

of the 133-page English book presenting

the rehabilitation & extension project

of the building along with asset management

strategy options to the client Morgan Stanley

and to potential international buyers

Client: Constructa group

La Rue de la République, Marseille

Copy-editing of a 330-page French book to present asset management

strategy options to the client Primonial Rheim 

Client: Constructa

La Quai des Carrières Blanches, Dijon

Copy-editing and Art-Direction of a 200-page 

French report to present the project of a 

new district to the Town hall team of Dijon

Client: Constructa group

The new Docks of Marseilles

Copy editing & art direction of the

153-page English report,

including architectural, technical

and financial topics, to convince

the client JP Morgan to finance the project

Client: Constructa group

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