Little Big Pictures is a boutique creative agency dedicated to creating aspirational marketing and communications content to various brands: conceptualisation, shooting, editing and production of photography series and films.

Nespresso, Longchamp, L'Oréal, Chanel, Qatar Luxury Group, Coty Prestige, Caudalie, M Le Magazine du Monde, Groupe Lagardère, Relais & Chateaux, Constructa Group...

Who we are
Jean-Christophe Husson and Delphine Gubert are Amsterdam-Paris based photographers and film makers working across documentary, fine arts and commercial based practices. A creative and passionate duo, Delphine and Christophe have been collaborating on film, photographic and marketing projects for over 18 years. Both driven by dedication, perfection and a passion to create, their individual skills and personalities complement each other leading to both professional and soulful outcomes.  

Jean-Christophe Husson is a photographer, director and screenwriter. Husson’s obsession for photography, design and cinema, grew whilst he trained at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. These differing fields of expertise and passions led him to build bridges between the three disciplines in order to enrich creative thinking and artistic production. In his work, he instinctively captures the essence of his subjects and demonstrates a talent in finding the own unique voice of people. 

Delphine Gubert has extensive experience in the fashion and cosmetic industries, having worked in communications, marketing and creative team management roles. After a successful career in the corporate world, she immersed herself in personal creative projects. Gubert has lived and worked in France, the UK, Netherlands, the US, and Japan. During this time she has developed a great interest and skill in understanding people on a deeper level: their languages, values, customs and individual stories. Throughout her traveling and working experience Gubert has proved to have a genuine gift of being able to listen and capture the true voice of the subjects she works with.

Compatible as a creative working pair, Husson and Gubert, founded the production company Little Big Pictures in 2013. Husson being dedicated to visual editing of photographic series and films and Gubert to writing and production, they conceptualised, edited and produced films and photographs: advertising campaigns, making-offs, know-how films, corporate films... They have worked for A-list clients, magazine press and cinema industries.

Whilst working together on corporate campaigns, they realised their joint interest and passion for people and societal issues. This resulted in a joint focus to develop original thought provoking works in the form of photographic series and societal documentaries. New-comers From Marseilles was a project initiated in the form of photographic workshops with children in schools of Marseilles, that lead to an exhibition of portraits of the children and their families, as well as a documentary series. Princesses Of Sheba At Night addressed the stories of young Muslim homosexuals in Marseilles and questioned the intersection between gender issues and Islam. 

After exhibitions in Paris and Amsterdam, they both decided to settle in the tolerant city of Amsterdam. Here they began work on No Land For Love (with producer Andrea Weiner) that gave a voice to the LGBT+ communities in Middle East and Sub-Saharan African countries who had to flee their homes. Produced in dialogue and promoted by various Dutch LGBT associations with the aim of raising awareness among a wider audience, this project addressed the delicate issue of LGBT + rights and the moral prejudices suffered by certain minorities.

Today Husson and Gubert are working on both corporate production and artistic projects. Among them, various projects are related to notions of identity, gender and prejudice: Eayilatuna (OurFamily) is a fictional project focusing on the LGBT community in Marseilles. Eve 70 is a television series that depicts the lives of several women (including a transsexual) working within the editorial team of the women’s magazine Eve during the 70's: some are keen on fashion, others passionate about social events, while feminist and sexual revolutions are underway. The documentary project No Secret, Portrait of Filmmaker Ira Sachs is currently in pre-production process.

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Jean-Christophe Husson
Photographer & Film maker
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Delphine Gubert
Film maker, Producer & Writer 
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